Megan Cartwright

As a grad student in toxicology and freelance science writer, Megan's interests range from poisons to public health to proper punctuation while writing about poisons and public health. She blogs about poisons, pathology, and science communication at http://sciencebasedwriting.wordpress.com.

Articles by Megan Cartwright:

How to Store Your Concentrated Proteins

Like graduate students, proteins are sensitive to rough handling. This is particularly true when they (the proteins, not the students!) are being concentrated, purified, and stored. We’ve covered the many options out there for concentrating your proteins, along with how to handle protein extracts to keep your proteins safe from degradation. But proteins can degrade…

25 Apr 2017 Protein Expression and Analysis

Our 12 Favorite Science Podcasts

Whether you’re doing a quick Miniprep or labeling hundreds of PCR tubes, listening to science podcasts can help keep you sane, entertained, and informed! With so many podcasts out there, we’ve pulled together this list of twelve great options: 1. 60-Second Science (1 – 2 minutes, updated weekdays) This Scientific American podcast offers quick news about…

09 Jul 2016 Fun Stuff&Of Interest

Top 5 Protein Quantification Assays

What could be simpler and faster than measuring the amount of protein in your sample? Well, don’t get too confident – even the most humble protein quantification assay uses some sophisticated chemistry that can trip you up (especially if you’re working with detergents!). To help you choose the right method to “simply” measure your protein,…

27 May 2015 Protein Expression and Analysis

6 Common Lab Uses of Detergents

Detergents are all around us in the lab – and that’s a good thing! Thanks to their chemical structure, detergents can solubilize and interact with many types of molecules, making them vital to research. To show you why detergents are such a good thing for scientists, we’ll go through six examples in molecular biology where…

16 Mar 2015 Basic Lab Skills and Know-how

Know Your PPE – Face Protection

Like all PPE, goggles and face shields are your last line of defense against the many lab hazards that may hurt you. But not all goggles and face shields are equal! To help you keep safe and sound, we’ll review the most common types of eye and face protection in the lab, and give you…

18 Feb 2015 Lab Safety
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