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Max Haeussler

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Articles by Max Haeussler

Faster, Cooler DNA gels

By Max Haeussler | April 9, 2008

All over the world, molecular biologists are tragically wasting hours of their life running DNA gels using tris-based conduction buffers like TBE or TAE. These buffers are known to overheat at high voltages, causing problems with gel integrity, sample denaturation and more. Because of this, molecular biologists are forced to keep the voltage of their…

Fast restriction digests?

By Max Haeussler | January 30, 2008

In the old days, restriction digests were a great excuse for long lunch breaks. Come back 1-2 hours later and it’s done. But, just to ruin our fun, Fermentas then NEB started to offer ranges of restriction enzymes that do their job in 5 minutes. Nothing changed with these enzymes – someone just figured out…

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