Martin Wilson

Martin started off his early career investigating contraceptive vaccines. He eventually gained his PhD in nanotoxicology from Edinburgh Napier University. A return to reproductive biology followed working with the MRC in endometrial pathology research. Following a brief detour into global pharmaceuticals, Martin joined the Bitesize Bio team and set up the Microscopy and Imaging Channel. Now a completely free-range human, Martin runs his own arts and crafts business creating award-winning slate art and bespoke slate and wood items for home and garden. Martin is still very much involved in Bitesize Bio and is a regular contributor to the magazine. You can find out more about his arts and crafts work on his Facebook page (www.facebook.com/hatchburnandcarve), or visit his website.

Articles by Martin Wilson:

The Joy Of Shared Microscopes – 10 Things Which Really Piss Me Off!

The theory behind the idea of having shared microscopes is a good one, but, in reality, this can sometimes mean you have to put up with the dirty habits of your fellow scientists and researchers. And some of your lab mates turn out to be really mucky! Here’s my Top 10 of things which really…

24 Sep 2013 Microscopy & Imaging

Five Tiny Microscopy Pleasures

Following on from five tiny histology pleasures where you (hopefully) created the perfect slide, now comes those moments in viewing and imaging which (almost) restore your faith in research. 1. Free! It’s free! Turning up at the microscope you have booked in the imaging suite to find it both free and clean. I often dreamt…

30 Jul 2013 Microscopy & Imaging

Five Tiny Histology Pleasures

You know – the things which make your day in the histology lab just whiz by as you push forward the frontiers of science! Here’s my top five happy histology handiness; 1.    Molten wax I guess we’ll start at the beginning of the life of a microscope slide and this usually starts with a paraffin wax…

25 Jun 2013 Microscopy & Imaging

10 Uses For An Old Microscope

Following on from our previous article, here are some suggestions for an old microscope (should you happen not to destroy it!). 1. Museum piece Start your own mini scientific instruments museum. Before you know it, you be raking through the old skips and dumpsters at your institute looking for exhibits. 2. Teach kids Teach your…

11 Jun 2013 Microscopy & Imaging

From Bench To Bedside- How Next Generation Sequencing Is Changing The Lives Of Cancer Patients

Next Generation Sequencing is to play a central role in a £2.7 million funded by the Wellcome Trust in the UK. The ‘Mainstreaming Cancer Genetics Programme’ is a truly translational collaboration which aims to take research from the lab bench to the clinic via industry. Testing more genes in more people The three year study…

06 Jun 2013 Genomics & Epigenetics

Happy Holidays!

From all of us at Bitesize Bio have a; -Happy Holiday -Merry Christmas -Cool Yule * (* delete as appropriate) Or, if you don’t celebrate this season in your country, have a productive day and good luck in your research!  

25 Dec 2012 Microscopy & Imaging

How to Transform Your Images from Mediocre to Publication Quality with Köhler Illumination

You’ve spent days, perhaps weeks or months squirrelling away tubes of preserved tissue in the dark drawers under your laboratory bench like the trophies of a demented serial-killer. Hours have been spent in histology in the processing, embedding and sectioning onto slides. Finally, like a warrior victorious in battle, you hold aloft your thin glass…

24 Jul 2012 Microscopy & Imaging