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Marisa Fernandez-Cachon

Marisa gained a PhD in Molecular Biology & Bioinformatics from Albert-Ludwigs-Universität Freiburg im Breisgau. Marisa is currently a Bioinformatics consultant based in Switzerland with 5+ years of working experience in translational/clinical research with exploratory pre-clinical and clinical data for target discovery, biomarker research, patient stratification & companion diagnostics approaches. Solid scientific background in molecular biology and bioinformatics with a strong focus in immuno oncology.

Institution : Genedata
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Articles by Marisa Fernandez-Cachon

Ten Tips for Turning Beastly Western Blots Beautiful

Ten Tips for Turning Beastly Western Blots Beautiful

By Marisa Fernández-Cachón | March 10, 2014

Western blots can be ugly. I mean down-right, horrifically, wall-of-shame ugly.  Not only can they be embarrassing to show to your colleagues, but the ugliness can obscure your results, making it impossible to interpret your data. Blotting consists of many experimental steps, which makes the technique naturally error-prone. Although standardized protocols exist, many fail to…

An image of lab furniture to depict how not to wreck your autoclave.

Banish Those Insecurities: Tips on Giving Scientific Talks

By Marisa Fernández-Cachón | January 1, 2014

Every once in a while you are forced to abandon your comfort zone.  You have to leave behind your comfortable territory of the lab bench or your desk in the reading room and stand up in front of a group of people. Then, you will be expected to deliver – the department seminar, a progress…

Ten Tips for Turning Beastly Western Blots Beautiful

An Easy Way to Start Using R in Your Research – Introduction

By Marisa Fernández-Cachón | July 31, 2013

Working with large datasets can be very frustrating and time consuming.  If only there were more tools out there to simplify things without needing to invest a PhD’s worth of time to learn how to use them! I am here to tell you that there is a solution, and a free one at that. If…

Ten Tips for Turning Beastly Western Blots Beautiful

The Pros and Cons of a PhD or Post-doc in a Foreign Country

By Marisa Fernández-Cachón | August 4, 2011

It’s time to start thinking about your next move. Maybe you’ve finished your undergrad/master’s degree and are considering doing a PhD. Or maybe you’re past all that and need to find a post-doc position. Amongst all of this, you might be considering the option of doing your PhD or post-doc in a foreign country. It’s…

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