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As a global market leader Lumenera provides an extensive range of high quality digital cameras with unique combinations of speed, resolution and sensitivity to satisfy the demands of today’s imaging applications.

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Microscopic image of paramecium and amoeba to represent live cell imaging techniques

An Introduction to Live Cell Imaging

By Lumenera | May 14, 2021

Read on to learn more about live cell imaging, including how high rate microscopy can help you capture rapid cellular processes.

Cardiac Muscle

An Introduction to Cardiac Optical Mapping

By Lumenera | May 24, 2018

What Is Optical Mapping and How Is It Used? Synchronisation of the contraction of heart muscle is essential for the efficient pumping of blood through the circulatory system. Cardiac contraction is controlled by the regulated spread of electrical impulses from cell-to-cell within the heart.  In pathological conditions, these electrical impulses can become disordered and lead…

Controlling Color Image Quality in Microscopy: Start at the Beginning

Controlling Color Image Quality in Microscopy: Start at the Beginning

By Lumenera | November 1, 2016

The only constant with microscopy imaging is variability in both color and image quality. You only need to look at images in journal articles, posters, around your laboratory, or compare your images with a colleague’s—the evidence is staggering. Interestingly, variability doesn’t generally come from the digital camera, rather it comes from our use of imaging…

science outreach biobus lumenera

Science on Wheels: How to Bring Science to the Masses with a Mobile Lab!

By Lumenera | July 9, 2016

Ask a scientist why they love their job, and they will likely tell you it’s because they get to see and discover amazing things! Why, then, does science class in school never reflect this? A major problem identified in our society is lack of science interest and literacy. Mobile labs are helping to turn the…

Importance of Color Reproduction in Microscopy Images

Importance of Color Reproduction in Microscopy Images

By Lumenera | June 17, 2015

Through our eyes, seeing is not always believing. Under different lighting conditions, we tend to see the same objects as having the same color. For example, an apple will appear red whether it is lit by daylight or candlelight and a white sheet of paper will be perceived as being white regardless of the light…

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