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Laura Page

I love the feeling you get when you fit a piece into a challenging puzzle. With each piece, you learn something more about the bigger picture and about the process of solving a puzzle. Really, science is much like a puzzle—methodically building a fantastic scene and exploring critical yet minute details. When I realized this, I turned my life in the direction of science. I’m currently working in a start-up biotech company in Minnesota where I enjoy a unique range of lab work and industry experience. I still enjoy the literal puzzle on the coffee table and I relish the chance to experience new places and cultures through travel.

Articles by Laura Page:

Express yourself: Gene Co-Expression in Bicistronic Constructs

Let’s say you work with a gene, and it has wonderful potential. Excitedly, you throw your gene into the cells and voila! It’s there. Great. Now what? Genes are powerful tools for directing cell activity, but thanks to that curiosity characteristic of scientists, we want to know more: We want to be able to confirm…

15 Jun 2015 Protein Expression and Analysis
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