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Liselle Bovell

Articles by Liselle Bovell:

Catch of the Day: A Look into Different FISH Techniques

You are probably familiar with fluorescent in situ hybridization (FISH) to detect and localize the presence or absence of specific DNA sequences on chromosomes. But did you know there are numerous FISH experiment variations? Including high-resolution FISH and quantitative FISH? Read here about Fiber-FISH, Q-FISH, and Flow-FISH and decide if you would like to undertake one of…

11 Apr 2015 Microscopy and Imaging

What is Electron Microscopy and Its Applications?

You likely know your way around a light or confocal microscope, but what if you need to see outside the optical range of these microscopes? Enter: Electron microscopy. Electron microscopes or EMs can increase magnification by 1000 times more than that of a light microscope. Crazy, huh?! And that isn’t even the half of how…

03 Dec 2014 Microscopy and Imaging

Through the Looking Glass: Picking the Right Microplate Reader

You are finished with your super-arduous experiment. Now the fun part! To “read” your results with a microplate reader, but do you know which microplate reader to use? Or even that there are different types? Have no fear. I am here to help ye, scientific one! Read on for my pointers on picking the right…

07 Oct 2014 Microscopy and Imaging
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