Lan Ho Wei

I was a research technician when I stumbled upon Bitesize Bio. Bioscientists can be verbose, and a protein science novice like me gravitated towards Bitesize Bio by helping me grasp the knowledge that I needed to be a successful (and sane) research technician and to satisfy my curiosity. The genuine advice I read from Bitesize Bio essentially paved the way my pursuit to obtain a Ph.D. degree in biochemistry and molecular pharmacology (2018 pending). I continue to read articles from Bitesize Bio. I am extremely excited to be a Bitesize Bio contributor!

Articles by Lan Ho Wei:

Helpful Tips Before Your First Rho Pull-Down Assay

If you have studied cellular movement or cell division, you have encountered Rho in the literature, because it regulates both processes. And the list of roles for Rho in the cell continues to grow! The prominence of Rho in the biology of non-diseased and diseased cells has caused researchers to continually optimize the Rho pull-down…

15 Mar 2018 Protein Expression & Analysis