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Kateri Spinelli

Neuroscientist, science advocate, and community builder - I'm an academic research scientist who wears many hats. My research focuses on therapeutic interventions in neurological diseases, in particular Parkinson's Disease. I am an active, founding member of the Women in Science organization in Portland, Oregon and am passionate about creating communities of support for scientists, in particular trainees. I believe in strengthening the biomedical workforce through clearer internal and external communication about the importance and relevance of our research.

Articles by Kateri Spinelli:

Bright Minds: Overcoming Autofluorescence in Human Brain Samples

The human brain autofluoresces – a funny thought next time you see a cartoon character with a bright idea and a light bulb over his head – but not so funny if you are attempting immunofluorescence analysis. But there are some significant advantages to using fluorescence detection over chromogenic methods. In this article I will…

09 Jul 2016 Microscopy and Imaging
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