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Kristin Harper

Kristin Harper is the founder of Harper Health & Science Communications, a company that provides writing and editing solutions for the biomedical and public health communities. Her passion is helping researchers transfer ideas from their heads onto paper. She has a PhD in Population Biology, Ecology, and Evolution and an MPH in Global Epidemiology from Emory University.

Articles by Kristin Harper:

Free Resources for Teaching Yourself to Analyze Next Gen Sequencing Data

If you’re new to next gen sequencing, figuring out what to do with your results can be a daunting process. Luckily, you’re not alone—plenty of people have been in your shoes, and there is tons of information about data analysis out there. Here are some free resources you can use to get up to speed…

03 Jul 2015 Genomics and Epigenetics&MilliporeSigma GENM

Pathway Analysis for Next Gen Data

Squinting at a long list of significant genes from your latest RNA-seq experiment? Having trouble making sense of the results? You’re not alone. Pathway analysis is becoming increasingly popular because it helps researchers make sense of complex data sets, including those obtained using next gen sequencing techniques. By systematically culling information about biological pathways and…

18 Jun 2015 Genomics and Epigenetics&MilliporeSigma GENM

How to Make Sure Your NGS Results are Robust

Next gen sequencing is a powerful technique, one that now lies at the heart of many scientific projects. This power comes with some special challenges, however, and by recognizing them you can ensure that your NGS results are robust. No one wants to publish findings that other scientists fail to replicate, but unfortunately it happens…

06 Jun 2015 Genomics and Epigenetics&MilliporeSigma GENM

Getting to Know Your h-index

You’re applying for your first tenure-track position, and you’ve heard that your dream department uses something called the h-index to decide who will get interviews. It’s an increasingly common scenario: institutions are now regularly using the h-index to help make hiring and promotion decisions, especially when they have to screen many applicants. For that reason,…

03 Jun 2015 Career Development & Networking

Five Simple Tips to Break Your Dissertation up into Manageable Parts

You’ve got an advisor, you’re done with classes, you’ve finally passed your qualifying exams and your dissertation project is underway. Life is looking good, but it’s not too early to start thinking about how to tackle your dissertation. Chances are this is the biggest writing project you have ever undertaken, so breaking it up into…

15 Apr 2015 Writing, Publishing and Presenting

Five Easy Ways to Reduce Word Count

The NIH grant that you are working on only gives you five pages to describe your research strategy. You’re wrestling with a research report for Science that has a maximum word limit of 2500. And the abstract for the conference you’d like to speak at this spring only allows you 300 words to summarize the…