Kristen Haberthur

Kristen Haberthur has a Ph.D. in Viral Immunology from Oregon Health and Science University (OHSU), and completed a post-doctoral fellowship in cancer immunology (Crane Lab) at Seattle Children’s Research Institute. She thinks that science is pretty awesome, and loves talking about it with whomever will listen, especially when the topic leans toward immunology and disease. Kristen currently channels that passion by writing for Bitesize Bio, as well as teaching for Saturday Academy (Portland, OR), and pursues Independent Contract work.

Articles by Kristen Haberthur:

Smooth Science: Eight Helpful Tidbits for Making Science a Cakewalk

Whether you’re an entry tech, an optimistic grad student, or a seasoned post-doc, we’ve all managed to get into a rut with lab etiquette and how we “do” science. With spring-cleaning on everyone’s minds, here are a few reminders that may help you clean out the proverbial cobwebs and start afresh.  1. Label EVERYTHING Several…

09 Jul 2016 Organization & Productivity