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Kimberly Jasmer-McDonald

I am a postdoc at the University of Missouri in the Department of Biochemistry. I am fresh out of PhD where I worked to characterize the role of the oxidative stress response in melanoma development. As a postdoc, I am studying the role of copper homeostasis and copper transporters in melanoma tumorigenesis, metastasis, and drug resistance. I am passionate about science communication and public outreach, teaching, and research which informs the prevention and treatment of cancer and chronic diseases. I also think human microbiome research is the coolest thing ever. I love to read science fiction, cook for family and friends, and spend time outdoors.

Articles by Kimberly Jasmer-McDonald:

Faster PCR Optimization

So, you’ve designed PCR primers to amplify your sequence of interest, and you’re ready to go.  But unless you have a never-ending supply of template, polymerase, and a thermocycler with a gradient function—not to mention a hefty dose of time and patience—you probably don’t want to spend the next week finding the perfect conditions for…

15 Dec 2016 PCR, qPCR and qRT-PCR

How to Fix Your Bad Cloning Ratios

You open the incubator in the morning and to your dismay there are a hundred glorious colonies… on your vector-only control plate. While there are a number of potential causes, I’ll highlight a few of the more likely culprits and their solutions.

how to get good cloning ratios
09 Jul 2016 DNA / RNA Manipulation and Analysis&New England Biolabs

How to Communicate Your Way to Scientific Success

As a new postdoc, I found myself in an uncomfortable situation. In my new environment, I am constantly in contact with my mentor and fellow lab members. I must regularly communicate with them and I have routine access to a sounding board for advice and troubleshooting. While I recognize the value of this situation, I initially found it difficult to navigate.

scientific success
09 Jul 2016 Career Development & Networking
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