Articles by klembke:

How to Pour Agar Plates in a Pinch

Every lab has a culture, a vibe of its own. Nowhere does the distinct character of the lab become most apparent than the way in which the lab chooses to pour agar plates. You may have heard or been told to pour plates at some point in your lab career. These “plates” could be called…

30 Jan 2017 Basic Lab Skills & Know-how

The 31 Flavors of Drosophila Electrophysiology Recording Solutions

Lab techniques are often shrouded in a veil of perceived voodoo and superstition – almost everything and anything a person does in lab can have an associated dance, prayer, or ritual to ensure their success. This is especially true for Drosophila electrophysiology. From lab to lab there are different prescriptions for electrode resistance, dissection technique,…

09 Jul 2016 Cells and Model Organisms