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Kimmo Tanhuanpää

Kimmo is Head of the Light Microscopy Unit (LMU) in the Institute of Biotechnology at the University of Helsinki.

Articles by Kimmo Tanhuanpää:

The Dilemma of Live Cell Imaging – How to See Something That Does not Like Light

Don’t get overexcited but we’ve got 7 top tips to help you minimize photodamage during your fluorescent live-cell imaging experiments.

Image of a fluorescent sign saying carpe diiem to represent the issue of photodamage in fluorescent live-cell imaging
29 Oct 2020 Microscopy and Imaging

Guide to Buying a Fluorescent Microscope Part 2

In Part 1 of this Guide, we learned about the importance of support, resources and objectives when choosing a fluorescence microscope. We continue this guide by looking at everything from filters to warranties. You should get these filters… Quality of the barrier filters and dichroic mirrors are the deciding factor on how well you can…

27 Nov 2012 Microscopy and Imaging

Guide to Buying a Fluorescent Microscope: Part 1

You’re a senior postgraduate student, a post doc or a junior PI with little knowledge on microscopes and someone between Senior PI /Dean level approaches you with this: “We have now the funds to buy the fluorescence microscope someone once told me we need. Can you handle this please? Oh, by the way, the funds…

20 Nov 2012 Microscopy and Imaging
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