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Kathryn Vaillancourt

Kathryn gained a PhD in Neuroscience from McGill University in Montreal. She is currently a Medical Writer at Kataka Medical Communication.

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Articles by Kathryn Vaillancourt

Chromatin conformation capture, chromatin capture, chromatin structure, chromatin conformation analysis, 3C

Navigating the “Cs” Part 1: an Introduction to Chromatin Conformation Capture Techniques

By Kathryn Vaillancourt | March 7, 2018

Interest in the three-dimensional structure of chromatin has exploded over the past few years—and for good reason!  We now know that DNA isn’t randomly piled into the nucleus like a bowl of spaghetti, but arranged in functional loops and domains, more like a city blueprint. This is particularly exciting to (epi)genomic scientists, because 3D chromatin…

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