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Jude Bain

Jude completed a PhD in molecular and cell biology at the University of Aberdeen, UK, before undertaking several postdoc positions—first in the US, at the University of Minnesota, and then back at her home institution. Working in the field of fungal immunology, her research aimed to understand the molecular factors underpinning the interplay of immune cells and fungi as they battle. Jude worked with a wide range of molecular biology methods, and she specialised in a range of imaging methods to capture the real-time interactions between host and invader cells. In addition to microscopy, she enjoyed helping others to get started with imaging, while supervising several PhD students. Moving on from the lab, Jude has worked more broadly with clinical medicine and life science researchers in her institution, to maximise their impact. Her role in communicating research impact in academia, and her freelance work as a writer and editor bring a wealth of interesting projects and people to the work day.

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Articles by Jude Bain

Image of 'pac man' style character eating red dots to represent live imaging of phagocytosis

Live Imaging of Phagocytosis: Your Simple Guide to Capturing the Action

By Jude Bain | June 21, 2021

Live imaging of phagocytosis helps capture the details of this dynamic process. Discover tips and tricks to visualizing this important cellular process.

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