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Jennifer Tsang

Jennifer Tsang is a science editor and freelance science writer. She has completed a Ph.D. in microbiology and studied antimicrobial resistance as a postdoctoral fellow. She writes for her own microbiology blog called The Microbial Menagerie. While not thinking about science, she enjoys reading a good book, photographing nature and cities, finding her zen in yoga and running, and playing clarinet.

Articles by Jennifer Tsang:

What to Do During That Awkward One-Minute Spin

We’ve all been there. Twiddling our thumbs. Staring off into space. Pacing back and forth. This is the dreaded one-minute spin. If you’ve dabbled in molecular biology, you’ve likely encountered this awkward time. Not exactly enough time to actually do anything else, but when you’ve got nothing to do but wait, one minute seems like…

one-minute spin
18 Sep 2017 Basic Lab Skills and Know-how
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