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Joanne Kamens

Joanne received her PhD in Genetics from Harvard University, where she studied signaling pathways. She spent 15 years in the pharmaceutical industry at Abbott Research Center and moved into the biotechnology sector as Senior Director of Research Collaborations at RXi Pharmaceuticals. She founded the Massachusetts chapter of the Association for Women in Science (AWIS) and is Director of Mentoring for the Boston chapter of the Healthcare Businesswomen’s Association (HBA). Additional information is available on Joanne's LinkedIn profile

Articles by Joanne Kamens:

Never Leave an Empty Seat – A Simple Rule to Increase Your Networking at Scientific Talks

One of the great things about being scientists is that we are lifelong learners.  Scientists go to a lot of seminars, meetings and conferences.  The traditional, hour-long seminar is also a great way to learn a lot in a relatively short time. So it continues to amaze me how most scientists don’t take advantage of…

18 Dec 2013 Career Development & Networking

Mars and Venus: Are Academia and Industry So Different?

Mars and Venus:  Are Academia and Industry So Different? One of the less acknowledged perks of scientific and technical training is that these educational paths prepare you for a vast selection of career options.  Scientists are certainly following many diverse career paths these days.  A recent National Science Foundation study showed that 57% of PhDs…

30 Oct 2013 Career Development & Networking

Talk to me: Good communication with your PhD supervisor / scientific advisor

Few scientists in the training stage are lucky enough to have the perfect advisor (aka PhD supervisor PI, boss).  The reality is that most scientific advisors receive little to no training on how to be good mentors.  You may want to take a look at a companion post to this one called “Getting the Most…

05 Jun 2013 Dealing with Fellow Scientists

Getting the Most Out of Supervisor Meetings

The monthly meeting with your supervisor is approaching and you are getting nervous.  What can you do to get the most out of it?  For starters, let’s hope that you are actually having regular, one-to-one meeting with your lab head.  If not, you have bigger problems than just preparing (look out for my upcoming article…

03 Jun 2013 Dealing with Fellow Scientists

How to Maximize the Quantity and Quality of Purified Plasmids

Before spin columns, PCR, and reaction miniaturization, being able to maximize plasmid prep DNA yield was a highly competitive lab accomplishment. A card-carrying Molecular Biologist had to be able to routinely get 500 mgs of DNA from a 1 L culture (1 g really showed your prowess). These days, many applications can and should be…

photo says "Maximum" - DNA extraction article
02 Nov 2012 DNA / RNA Manipulation and Analysis
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