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Jeff Mayfield

Articles by Jeff Mayfield:

Optimize Bacterial Protein Expression by Considering these 4 Variables

So, you have successfully cloned your gene of interest and are eager to purify buckets of protein. No matter your eventual application—kinetic experiments using a SPR instrument, structural analysis using X-ray crystallography, or any other experiment—you’ll need to express your protein first.  Now, it’s time to put your expression plasmid into E. coli and get…

Optimize Bacterial Protein Expression
30 Nov 2016 Cloning and Expression

How to Make Your Own Luck in a Biochemistry Lab

During one of my first ever poster sessions, I was asked how I was able to make a particularly difficult-to-work-with protein soluble. My response was that I was just lucky. The venerable professor chuckled and stated that in science “you make your own luck.” This is a phrase that I have heard quite a bit…

09 Jul 2016 Protein Expression and Analysis
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