Jeff Mayfield

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Optimize Bacterial Protein Expression by Considering these 4 Variables

So, you have successfully cloned your gene of interest and are eager to purify buckets of protein. No matter your eventual application—kinetic experiments using a SPR instrument, structural analysis using X-ray crystallography, or any other experiment—you’ll need to express your protein first.  Now, it’s time to put your expression plasmid into E. coli and get…

30 Nov 2016 Cloning & Expression

How to Make Your Own Luck in a Biochemistry Lab

During one of my first ever poster sessions, I was asked how I was able to make a particularly difficult-to-work-with protein soluble. My response was that I was just lucky. The venerable professor chuckled and stated that in science “you make your own luck.” This is a phrase that I have heard quite a bit…

09 Jul 2016 Protein Expression & Analysis