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Jessica Povroznik

Jessica is a research scientist and an aspiring science writer with a passion for bringing science education to a public platform. She has extensive knowledge in rodent behavioral analysis from previous experience working in a Rodent Behavior Core Facility, and is currently working as a microbiologist in an infectious disease lab studying host-pathogen interactions in early-life immunity. Her primary research interest is focused around the intersection of the nervous and immune systems, and in particular, how the immune system influences neurobiological changes associated with cognition and mood.

Articles by Jessica Povroznik:

Five Factors Affecting Your Mouse Behavioral Studies 

Let’s face it: the nature of behavior itself is inherently variable, whether it’s the heterogeneous socializing behavior of humans at parties, the complex aggressive behavior of rodents when they perceive a threat, or the intricate courtship behavior of insects during their mating dances. Because of this variability, the struggles associated with trying to (successfully) reproduce…

Mouse lightbulb
29 Oct 2019 Cells and Model Organisms
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