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Jennifer Shelley

Jennifer is PhD Student in Immunology at Edinburgh University with a demonstrated history of working in the research industry through summer scholarship studentships, academic placements, an international placement, and a technician/lab manager position. She has strong research skills in complex tissue culture, a wide variety of disease models, immunology methodology, and data analysis, and writes for ‘The Student’ newspaper at the University of Edinburgh. She is also a writer for Wonk! Magazine and freelance blogger for CMVM, University of Edinburgh.

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Articles by Jennifer Shelley

Successful Start: Tips for Establishing Organoids

Successful Start: Tips for Establishing Organoids

By Jennifer Shelley | January 6, 2020

Organoids are a developing star of research. They can be grown to represent the majority of mammalian organs and have a wide range of possible applications. More realistic than simple monolayer cell culture, they offer an in-between step that reduces the need for animal models and simplifies (although doesn’t completely remove) ethics paperwork. They are…

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