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Innova Biosciences

Innova Biosciences specialises in providing highly effective bioconjugation solutions. Problems such as poor yield, batch to batch variation and low sensitivity are all overcome by using Innova’s core labelling technologies of Lightning-Link®, InnovaCoat® and Thunder-Link®. These technologies simplify labelling of antibodies and other proteins to enzymes, fluorescent dyes, gold nanoparticles and oligonucleotides, and are suitable for both small scale R&D and large scale manufacturing. In addition to their extensive range of conjugation kits, Innova offer bespoke solutions for custom manufacturing of your conjugate needs.

Articles by Innova Biosciences:

Getting started with Immunohistochemistry

What is immunohistochemistry… Immunohistochemistry (IHC) is a favorite tool amongst clinicians to help diagnose a range of diseases by identifying abnormal cells, such as those in cancer. In a nutshell, IHC uses antibodies to detect proteins (antigens) that are specific to, or have altered expression in, abnormal cells within a tissue section (for example the liver, pancreas or…

16 Jul 2014 Innova Biosciences&Protein Expression and Analysis
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