I studied General Medicine at the University of Szeged and obtained my M. D. degree in 2005. Then, I moved to the lab of Janos Szabad at the University of Szeged where I studied the effects of various mutations in the a4-tubulin gene of Drosophila on intracellular transport in the embryo and in the developing oocyte. After I graduated in January, 2009, I became a post-doctoral fellow and later a staff scientist in the group of Anne Ephrussi at the European Molecular Biology Laboratory, Heidelberg. In the Ephrussi group, I studied the assembly and the transport of oskar mRNPs. During my research. I was involved in the development of various microscopy visualization techniques and assays, such as adapting confocal recflection microscopy to study the motion of lipid droplets or developing fluorogenic probes that can detect target mRNA with high sensitivity even in living specimen (FIT probes).

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