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Ilona Marecko

I received my PhD in Cell and Tissue Biology at the University of Belgrade, Serbia. My work is focused on molecular pathology, cancer genetics and translational research. I always loved reading about science as much as I loved the bench work, but I began writing purely by chance and I still surprise myself sometimes by how much I enjoy it.

Articles by Ilona Marecko:

Small Differences that Matter: Detecting Microsatellite Polymorphisms

If you have any training in genetics, chances are that during the course of your education you ran into those funny little sequences called microsatellites. These are repeated tandem motifs 1-6 nucleotides long, scattered all over our genomes. These used to be called “junk DNA,” because researchers thought that the repeats served no purpose. Nowadays,…

21 Mar 2018 PCR, qPCR and qRT-PCR&DNA / RNA Manipulation and Analysis&New England Biolabs

An Introduction to In-Gel Zymography

Enzymes are special among proteins. It is not enough to detect them. You need to know their activity level. If you have devoted a substantial part of your research to studying proteases, like I did, you’ll know how crucial it is to choose an appropriate enzyme assay. There’s a heap of lab techniques out there…

26 Oct 2017 Protein Expression and Analysis

FISHing for miRNAs in Archived Tissues? Yes, It Is Possible!

We use fluorescent in situ hybridization (FISH) techniques routinely to detect DNA or RNA sequences in tissues, but what about micro RNAs (miRNAs)? No worries, FISH is now optimized to meet the challenge. To help you get going with the method, here’s what you need to know. The first thing that comes to mind when…

06 Jul 2017 DNA / RNA Manipulation and Analysis

Detecting Cell Apoptosis on Tissue Slides

Apoptosis, or programmed cell death, is a physiological process in which individual cells are set to die without harming their environment. It involves a cascade of complex and tightly regulated cellular events. Detecting apoptosis on tissue slides, involves either detecting the molecular participants of these events, or the morphological changes that occur on the cellular…

17 May 2017 Microscopy and Imaging

In Situ Zymography: Let’s Catch that Enzyme in Action!

In situ zymography (ISZ) is the best choice to study proteases. Proteases are a challenge to study as proteases are extremely potent enzymes. As such, they need to be controlled at multiple levels to prevent them from being unleashed and making a cellular mess. Regulation of their activity occurs at virtually all levels: transcriptional control,…

21 Mar 2017 Microscopy and Imaging

Analyze Immunostained Slides with Semiquantitative Scoring

A  routine task in the lab is to investigate the presence of your favorite protein in a range of histological samples. No doubt, staining your tissue sections using good old immunohistochemistry (IHC) would be your first choice. You just got to love a technique that has celebrated its 70th birthday, and is still used in…

semiquantitative scoring
01 Mar 2017 Microscopy and Imaging&Lab Statistics & Math
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