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Helena Mello

I am a PhD Candidate at Rutgers University, New Jersey, studying how a tumor herpesvirus can wake up from latency and cause cancer – and hopefully stopping it! I started my scientific journey in Brazil, my home country, where I was part of a few different labs ranging from protein biophysics to immunology research. From tropical Brazil to snowy New Jersey, I took my passion for coffee, travelling, and science communication. I write for the Rutgers iJOBS blog, in which I talk about career development for STEM graduates, and share experiences with my fellow peers on how to transition into a career outside of academia. I have also been a senior editor for the blog for the past two year. You can check out our work here:

Institution : Rutgers University
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Articles by Helena Mello

A agarose gel being loaded to represent tips for troubleshooting agarose gels given in the article

How to Get a Picture-Perfect Agarose Gel

By Helena Mello | December 7, 2020

Check out our agarose gel hacks for troubleshooting your blurry or uneven bands, and tips for getting picture-perfect agarose gel images every time.

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