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Graham Buttrick

Graham is no longer a Research Fellow at Warwick Medical School, Coventry, UK.

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Articles by Graham Buttrick

How To Craft The Perfect Title For Your Manuscript

By Graham Buttrick | January 11, 2013

Of all the words you write to prepare a manuscript, too often the most important ten or so are left as an afterthought. You’ve slaved for weeks to finish your manuscript. Through draft and re-draft, you managed to shoehorn hundreds of man-hours of careful lab work into the word limit designed to be precisely 300…

Spotter’s Guide to Protein Tags

Spotter’s Guide to Protein Tags

By Graham Buttrick | August 10, 2012

Protein tags are invaluable tools for the modern biologist, particularly if you work on one of the 99% of proteins for which there isn’t a nice antibody readily available. If you want to purify large amounts of your protein of interest, detect it by western blot or fluorescence microscopy, or identify its potential binding partners,…

An image of colors to depict care for your pH meter.

“What You Should Know About Science” — A Book Review of ‘The Golem’

By Graham Buttrick | May 30, 2012

I first read “The Golem: What You Should Know about Science” as an undergraduate student for an introduction to the sociology of scientific knowledge. I feel it’s an important book for anyone who wants to understand how science works. Ten years later, I still find myself revisiting it. Read on to find out why… In…

Is Your Science Making an Impact?

By Graham Buttrick | May 7, 2012

It’s pretty likely you’ll have heard of impact factors, either through colleagues talking about them in the lab, or from a journal homepage advertising its latest score. Whilst impact factor is a relatively artificial value, it is something that journal editors, scientists and some funding agencies take seriously. It’s therefore important to understand what it…

An Introduction to Tandem Affinity Purification

An Introduction to Tandem Affinity Purification

By Graham Buttrick | February 17, 2012

Tandem affinity purification is a development of existing techniques for purifying protein complexes from cells in physiological conditions. It was first described over ten years ago and has become a commonplace laboratory tool. In this brief article I’ll introduce the basic technique and describe some of its advantages. Biology is a team game. Most biological…

Detecting Protein Phosphorylation Without Radiation Phospho Specific Antibodies Or Mass Spec

Detecting Protein Phosphorylation Without Radiation Phospho Specific Antibodies Or Mass Spec

By Graham Buttrick | October 19, 2011

Phosphorylation is one of the major post-translational modifications that regulate the activity of a protein. Around a third of human proteins are believed to be phosphorylated, and so the kinases and phosphatases that mediate protein phosphorylation are of major interest to biomedical researchers. However detecting protein phosphorylation can be difficult, particularly from cell extracts. Phospho-specific…

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