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Giulia Arsuffi

I am a molecular and plant developmental biologist. My PhD showed me the highs and lows of a life in scientific research. To address the lows, I was inspired to get involved in several initiatives to support the well-being, creativity, and productivity of researchers. Bitesize Bio played a big part in keeping me sane throughout the process.

Once the PhD finished, I started The Clever Neuron. There, I use my experience to help other researchers understand how their thoughts direct their behaviour, and how to choose thoughts that help them reach their goals. Come say hello at thecleverneuron.com!

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Articles by Giulia Arsuffi

Your Checklist to Working With an Emerging Model Organism

Your Checklist to Working With an Emerging Model Organism

By Giulia Arsuffi | July 30, 2020

Are you struggling to answer your research question using established models? Consider going rogue and switching to a non-model organism!

Coping with Bereavement as a PhD Student

By Giulia Arsuffi | April 3, 2017

Imagine being a PhD student whose life mostly revolves around the lab until you are hit by the worst news of your life. You have just lost one or both of your parents and bereavement sets in. You still cannot really believe it, spend your nights crying, and find yourself grappling with a whole pile…

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