I have a BSc in Molecular Biology and an MSc in Biomedical Science as well as 3 years’ experience working in the biotech & pharmaceutical industries. I'm currently working with more translational research in the third year of my PhD at the University of Sheffield – studying the molecular and cellular responses to wounding in zebrafish that allow them to heal & regenerate tissues. This could help us to mimic these regenerative capabilities in humans and repair damage to our bodies as if it never happened in the first place. Which would be pretty damn cool.

Articles by Gareth-McCathie-54:

How to Start Using Coding to Automate Image Analysis Part 1: The Simple Process

Pat yourself on the back, you saw a post with the word “coding” in the title and you didn’t freak out or glaze over. That’s the first step. Coding seems to have such a stigma attached to it; people tend to think that it’s incomprehensible nonsense that they could never learn, and that it has…

09 Jul 2016 Software & Online Tools

How to Start Using Coding to Automate Image Analysis Part 2: Batch Processing Multiple Images

In Part 1 of this article, I introduced you to using code for basic image manipulation in ImageJ and working with the command recorder to expand your coding vocabulary. I covered how to make a simple macro, how to edit it and then save it to be run again another time. If you skipped the…

09 Jul 2016 Software & Online Tools