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Five Methods for Assessing Protein Purity and Quality

If you’ve ever worked with proteins in the lab, you probably know just how critical protein purity and quality are for downstream applications. In this article, we’ll review the multitude of problems that are encountered with ‘bad’ protein samples and how you can analyze the purity and integrity of your favorite protein prior to using…

08 Nov 2018 Fluidic Analytics&Protein Expression & Analysis

Let’s Come Clean: Why Quality Control for Purified Protein Matters

If you are a Michelin star chef, then your first priority for preparing your signature dish is to use the best ingredients. One rotten potato or one slightly overripe strawberry could ruin not just a dish, but also your reputation. In the laboratory we are (mostly) not cooking rotten potatoes, but we are doing delicate…

01 Nov 2018 Fluidic Analytics&Protein Expression & Analysis