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Faisal M.

Mr. Faisal Moossa obtained his Zoology degree in 2010, and completed his post graduation in Bioinformatics by 2012. He is currently persuing his Ph. D. at University of Calicut, Kerala, India. His research areas include Pharmacognasy & Molecular Oncology. He aims in finding potential and natural active lead drug candidates against Human Carcinoma Cell lines by employing Computational techniques and Cheminformatics.

Articles by Faisal M.:

Modeling – in the World of Proteins

Computational protein structure prediction provides three-dimensional structures of proteins that are predicted by in-silico techniques. Such protein modeling relies on principles from known protein structures obtained via x-Ray crystallography, NMR Spectroscopy, as well as from physical energy functions.  There are three main methods of modeling: The first and favorite method is Homology Modeling,1-2 Followed by the…

Protein modeling
12 Dec 2017 Protein Expression and Analysis

Molecular Docking: Let the Docking Do the Talking

Want to know whether a lead molecule or a ligand of your choice interacts with a particular protein or a receptor? Do you want this information at your fingertips? All it takes is just a few clicks and key presses on the computer and then out comes a computational prediction. This computational process is also…

28 Mar 2017 Protein Expression and Analysis
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