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Faisal M.

Mr. Faisal Moossa obtained his Zoology degree in 2010 and completed his post-graduation in Bioinformatics by 2012. He is currently pursuing his Ph. D. at the University of Calicut, Kerala, India. His research areas include Pharmacognosy & Molecular Oncology. He aims in finding potential and natural active lead drug candidates against Human Carcinoma Cell lines by employing Computational techniques, Cheminformatics, and in-vitro validations.

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Articles by Faisal M.

Protein modeling

Modeling – in the World of Proteins

By Faisal M. | December 12, 2017

Computational protein structure prediction provides three-dimensional structures of proteins that are predicted by in-silico techniques. Such protein modeling relies on principles from known protein structures obtained via x-Ray crystallography, NMR Spectroscopy, as well as from physical energy functions.  There are three main methods of modeling: The first and favorite method is Homology Modeling,1-2 Followed by the…

Molecular Docking: Let the Docking Do the Talking

By Faisal M. | March 28, 2017

Want to know whether a lead molecule or a ligand of your choice interacts with a particular protein or a receptor? Do you want this information at your fingertips? All it takes is just a few clicks and key presses on the computer and then out comes a computational prediction. This computational process is also…

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