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Eric J. Perkins

Eric received his Ph.D. in Molecular Biology at UNC in the Lineberger Cancer Center and then moved on to do a post-doc at Harvard. He is now a Senior Scientist at Addgene, the non-profit plasmid repository. He likes to think he has the best of the academic and industry worlds since he gets to wear T-shirts to work AND gets weekends off.

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Articles by Perkins

How to Request a Plasmid

How to Request a Plasmid

By Eric J. Perkins | December 7, 2009

Working at a plasmid repository, I get a lot of feedback from scientists who are relieved we exist simply because that means they don’t have to request a plasmid directly from another academic lab. Either they’ve had a bad experience making requests in the past, or they really don’t know how to go about doing…

Hot Stuff at Addgene

Hot Stuff at Addgene

By Eric J. Perkins | October 23, 2009

Addgene, the non-profit plasmid repository, turned 5-years-old this year. That’s five years longer than some of the scientists Addgene first approached to deposit plasmids thought we would last (I can say “we” because I’m a Senior Scientist at Addgene). Not only have we lasted, but we’ve thrived. Addgene recently stored its 10,000th plasmid, and our…

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