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Emma Hutchinson

I’ve been at the University of Kent for about seven years now. I did my undergraduate degree here in Biomedical science and was offered a PhD in animal genetics, where I am investigating the role of the porcine glucocorticoid receptor in aggression and metabolism. I have about eight months left of my PhD and while writing up decided to write some articles about the more difficult aspects of my work to hopefully try and help point you guys in the right direction if you have similar methods to try to me!

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Articles by Emma Hutchinson

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How To Analyze Your Single Nucleotide Polymorphism (SNP) Chip Data

By Emma Hutchinson | July 9, 2016

So, you’re sitting there with your list of significant SNPs, thinking, “what do I do now”?  Hopefully this article can point you in the right direction! So far, you will have extracted genomic DNA from your organism of interest, sourced the SNP chips required, and had the DNA run on these chips.  The chips will…

Superstitions And Habits At The Bench: Sensible, Or Just A Little Bit Odd?

Superstitions And Habits At The Bench: Sensible, Or Just A Little Bit Odd?

By Emma Hutchinson | April 13, 2012

Everybody is different when it comes to how they like to run their work space.  Some people just find a space in the lab and work wherever there’s room, sharing their tips and pipettes, while others like to have a designated area to do their lab work in, with their own equipment. Personally, I much…

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How To Choose The Right Gene Expression Chip

By Emma Hutchinson | January 27, 2012

In a previous article, I discussed how to extract high-quality RNA for use in microarray experiments.  Today we’ll talk about how to choose the right gene expression chip for your analysis.  There are many choices out there!  In some cases, you might find that this decision is made for you, as many gene expression chip…

How to Extract High-Quality RNA for Microarray Analysis

How to Extract High-Quality RNA for Microarray Analysis

By Emma Hutchinson | January 13, 2012

Microarrays are one of the most in-depth ways of determining cellular gene expression levels of thousands of genes simultaneously.  They are able to help determine: Gene function and cellular processes Gene regulation and  interactions Gene expression levels in different cell types and how this expression is altered by the addition of various compounds or disease…

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