I am a PhD qualified research professional with a strong background in Translational Medicine and Biomedical research. This has involved carrying out research into a variety of diseases including rheumatoid arthritis, inflammatory lung disease, cancer and cardiovascular disease and drug allergy/hypersensitivity. I am currently working as a research laboratory manager and I have a strong interest in science writing and communication.

Articles by elmoran:

How To Ace Your Journal Club Presentation

Scientific journal clubs are a fantastic opportunity to sharpen your presentation skills in an informal atmosphere composed of your peers.  Furthermore, regular attendance will help keep your knowledge of the scientific literature up to date and foster good scientific relationships with your colleagues. The following are a few tips to make the most of your…

21 Nov 2012 Writing, Publishing & Presenting

When Microarrays Go West(ern)

Western blotting was first introduced in 1979 and has become a routine technique for protein analysis in laboratories worldwide. While western blotting can be highly specific, it is very low throughput as a technique and requires large amounts of sample and expensive antibodies. Furthermore, blots are extremely labour intensive and require a high level of…

16 Nov 2012 Protein Expression & Analysis

Five Things You Might Not Know about LB

LB medium is a staple in virtually every lab. It’s commonly used to propagate E. coli, and as such will be used frequently by any lab that does cloning. Chances are, LB broth or plates were one of the first things you learned to make as a newbie in the lab.  Here are a few…

12 Oct 2012 Protein Expression & Analysis

Four Ways To Keep Up With Your Field If You Are Out Of A Job

Keeping up with the latest developments in your field of research is important whether you are taking a sabbatical to travel the world or your funding has finally dried up. Whatever your situation, it is good to maintain a broad working knowledge of your field of interest and not leave yourself a mountain of reading…

03 Oct 2012 Career Development & Networking

How To Survive The Next Meeting With Your PI (Members Only Article)

Every scientist, at one time or another, has avoided meetings with their PI. They are, however extremely important in shaping the direction and progress of your project. Having regular productive meetings with your PI will help maintain a positive working relationship and contribute to the success of your project. Keep the following in mind when…

07 Sep 2012 Dealing with Fellow Scientists

Top Tips for Getting Grants (Members Only Article)

Obtaining research funding is becoming increasingly difficult and competitive, with success rates varying between 10-30% depending on the funding body and country. With careful planning and preparation you can maximise your chances of success. Here a few tips to take into consideration: Research what funding and what types of funding are available. It’s worth spending…

31 Aug 2012 Getting Funded

Book Review: “The Structure of Scientific Revolutions”, by Thomas Kuhn

I found Thomas Kuhn’s book “The Structure of Scientific Revolutions” quite a challenge to get through. Normally, if a book doesn’t keep my attention, or I find it difficult to read after the first few pages, I give up. However, I was determined to persevere with this book, especially given that the Times Literary supplement…

17 Aug 2012 Inspiring & Thought Provoking

Book Review: At the Bench: A Laboratory Navigator, by Kathy Barker

Starting a PhD, or even a summer scholarship, in a laboratory can be a daunting experience. Moving from carrying out experiments in the comfort of a teaching lab to working in a research laboratory is quite the bridge to cross. From a personal experience, I found I became quite rusty over the summer months in…

25 Jun 2012 Basic Lab Skills & Know-how

How to Present Successfully at Conferences

The very idea of standing up and giving an oral presentation at a conference gives even the most confident of us butterflies. Additionally, I don’t know many scientists who find the thought of spending hours working on a powerpoint presentation exactly thrilling. However, there are many benefits to presenting your work at a conference. First…

11 Jun 2012 Writing, Publishing & Presenting

How to Find a Postdoc Overseas

I have always had it in the back of my mind that I would like to live and work abroad for a year or two. This was augmented in my mind by the mainstream view in scientific research that a stint in a foreign lab is beneficial to a scientist’s career. The benefit of working…

04 May 2012 Career Development & Networking