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Diagenode is a leading provider of complete solutions for epigenetics research and sample preparation. The company has developed both shearing solutions for a number of applications as well as a comprehensive approach to gain new insights into epigenetics studies. The company offers innovative DNA and chromatin shearing and automation instruments, reagent kits, and high quality antibodies to streamline DNA methylation, ChIP-qPCR, and ChIP-seq workflows. The company’s latest innovations include the industry’s most validated ChIP antibodies, CATS-based RNA sequencing, and epigenetics assay services.

Articles by Diagenode:

DNA Extraction from FFPE Tissues for NextGen Sequencing

Rapid genomic analysis offered by next generation sequencing (NGS) is ideal for personalized medicine approaches to clinical genetics, microbiological profiling, and diagnostic oncology. Many standard clinical samples are preserved as formalin-fixed, paraffin-embedded (FFPE) tissues, which presents obstacles for use in NGS analysis. FFPE tissue preservation has the benefit of keeping samples intact for histological examination…

01 Sep 2017 DNA / RNA Manipulation and Analysis&Diagenode&Genomics and Epigenetics

Best Practices for DNA Shearing for NGS

Construction of high-quality sequencing libraries is pivotal to successful NGS, and DNA quality is one of the most critical aspects of library preparation. As this Nature Methods paper illustrates, DNA shearing involves appropriate and consistent fragment sizes for sensitive and accurate sequencing, and the fragments must be accurately analyzed prior to sequencing to measure molarity…

01 Sep 2017 Genomics and Epigenetics&Diagenode
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