Dan is a postdoc working at the University of Cyprus in developmental biology. He has a BSc in molecular biology and a PhD pharmacology and biochemistry.

Articles by Dan:

A Presidential Candidate on Science Policy

What do Obama’s responses tell us about him and his support of scientifically-sound policies? Well, not necessarily that he is personally good on science – but he does apparently know how to hire decent scientific advisers, and listen to them. That is huge.

03 Sep 2008 Of Interest

Nourishing Innovation: Open Science and Federal Support

“An urgent problem is how to nourish the goose of basic research [and innovation],” wrote Arthur Kornberg. The solution: Open Science and Federal Support.

01 Sep 2008 Writing, Publishing & Presenting

NIH and English as the Language of Science

While there’s a lot in “For the Love of Enzymes” to talk about, for this post I’m focusing on just one passing reference that Arthur Kornberg makes on NIH and the use of English as the language of science. In it, Kornberg is describing the factors that made NIH a huge success…

26 Aug 2008 History of Biology

Around the Blogs

It’s Friday, so let’s take a glance Around the Blogs and see what’s happening. Science and Society Banned Performance Enhancing Drug Classes Basic Concepts: Crop Genetic Engineering Publishing Science Reed Elsevier Caught Copying My Content Without My Permission Bring Me Your Huddled Manuscripts Lab Life Postdoc Personalities The Science Itself Solving the Cell: Will the…

22 Aug 2008 Of Interest

Animal Rights Terrorism, Redux

Last Thursday’s post on the animal rights firebombing in Santa Cruz earned me a couple outraged comments, so I suppose I did something right. I’m not too concerned with what they think, but they’re comments reflect what I was saying.

20 Aug 2008 Science Communication & Ethics

Polarity, Diffusion, and Cellular Aging

Two recent articles provide the theoretical and experimental proof that polarity and asymmetry are reducible to something as simple as diffusion – even in a complex cellular process such as aging.

18 Aug 2008 Of Interest

Animal Rights’ Firebombings

It would seem that animal rights’ extremists are at it again, this time with a spate of firebombings in Southern California. One might be sympathetic, if one were superbly naive.

14 Aug 2008 Science Communication & Ethics

A Microcosm for Biology

The theme running throughout is that E.coli is a microcosm for understanding all of life. Zimmer reinforces this theme with repeated mention of a Jacques Monod quote, “What is true for E.coli is true for the elephant.

12 Aug 2008 Inspiring & Thought Provoking

Around the Blogs

We’ve reached the end of another week here on Bitesize Bio, so let’s close with the usual survey of what’s happening Around the Blogs. I’m not linking to too many posts (just five), and am instead trying to pick quality over quantity. I hope you find them interesting.

08 Aug 2008 Of Interest

New Search Engine for Biology

Here’s something that I’m sure all our readers will find interesting, if they haven’t heard it already: there’s a web search engine out now for specifically designed for biologists.

07 Aug 2008 Software & Online Tools

Science as Culture

Dan shares some commentary on a review of the World Science Festival by Lawrence Krauss. At its core, science is a cultural phenomenon, complete with social customs. There are some differences between the culture of science and other cultures however…

05 Aug 2008 Of Interest

Around the Blogs

We’ve reached the end of another week here on Bitesize Bio, so let’s close with the usual survey of what’s happening Around the Blogs. Luckily, the post titles speak for themselves… Society Which baby do you want? A dilemma for the 21st century parent-to-be The goal of a science education Scientists are excellent communicators, or…

03 Aug 2008 Of Interest

Sir Paul Nurse on Information in Biology

In an opinion piece in Nature, Sir Paul Nurse suggests that we supplement reductionism with studying the information content in cells. Take a look at the modern version of holism in biology.

31 Jul 2008 Of Interest

Notes of a Biology Watcher

Part science, part prose, Lewis Thomas’ books Lives of a Cell and The Medusa and the Snail are creative, thought-provoking, and entertaining.

28 Jul 2008 Inspiring & Thought Provoking

A Not So Good GM Crop – Pharma Corn

On Tuesday I talked about an example of a good GM crop. Now I highlight one that I think may not be such a good idea.

24 Jul 2008 Science Communication & Ethics

Good GM Foods – Bt Corn as an Example

Dan takes a look at a potentially good GM crop already in use, and links to a couple informative resources regarding the risks and benefits of using genetics to improve the food we harvest.

22 Jul 2008 Science Communication & Ethics

Around the Blogs

Here’s a list of blog posts worth passing along from the past couple of weeks, in the order I bookmarked them.

18 Jul 2008 Of Interest

The Chinese are Coming… to Grad School

It is now more likely that the next graduate student you meet in the US is from one of two Chinese alma maters than from any other U.S. university?

14 Jul 2008 Of Interest

Molecular Movies and Animations

In a recent issue of Cell, there’s an interesting commentary on Molecular Movies… Coming to a Lecture Near You. The article got me thinking – wouldn’t it be useful if there were more skilled graphics and animation experts at the disposal of researchers? Conveying the information content of your average proposal, report, lecture, or public…

10 Jul 2008 Writing, Publishing & Presenting

Falling for Molecular Biology

Last week’s issue of Science has a book review that might appeal to any Bitesize Bio reader: First Adventures in Science. The book in question is Falling for Science, a collection of essays by grad students (current and former) and mentors on the crucial roles particular objects played in sparking their choice of science as…

08 Jul 2008 Career Development & Networking