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David Amici

David, a recent graduate from the University of Maryland, studies skeletal muscle diseases at the cell and molecular level. When not in the lab, he enjoys coaching and competing in powerlifting.

Articles by David Amici:

Are you Guilty of P-Hacking?

P-value abuse directly contributes to one of the biggest problems facing the scientific community: the prominence of false-positive results in the published literature. Contrary to popular interpretation, the p-value doesn’t indicate the likelihood that the observed result was due to chance. There are important qualifications to p-value interpretation.  Moreover, the p-value cannot directly speak to…

21 Nov 2016 Science Communication & Ethics

Where are My Bands? Troubleshooting a Signal-less Western

Western blotting uses electrophoresis and antibody-epitope affinity to give a semi-quantitative and (theoretically) clear measure of protein abundance. It’s a long procedure, filled with many steps—and even more room for error. Learning to troubleshoot certain problems is incredibly important for continued success with this technique. So what do you do when your final imaged product…

09 Jul 2016 Protein Expression and Analysis
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