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Chen Guttman

I am a PhD student at the Zarivach laboratory (http://lifeserv.bgu.ac.il/wb/zarivach) situated at the Ben Gurion University of the Negev, Israel. I am studying Type III secretion system effectors through the use of Macromollecular crystallography and other structural biology methodologies such as NMR and circular dichroism spectroscopy. Apart from being interested in Structural biology, crystallography and protein purification and characterization, I am also an avid photographer (www.cgp.co.il) and a content writer. I hope to bring to this forum my expertise in the above fields.

Articles by Chen Guttman:

Do You Work Like A Professional Scientist?

In my  last article I looked at how to efficiently self-manage the scientist in us all. But, to transform efficient and elaborate planning into a mass of (publishable) results, you need to be technically proficient. Here, I’ll look at some ways to acquire and improve your technical prowess, while on your way to becoming a…

11 Apr 2011 Personal Development

What’s Your Idea of Project Management?

Many PhD students conducting their research are not aware of the fact that conducting autonomous research is project management. This assumption is realized by most students only after graduation or in the last year of their studies (a webinar discussing project management will be held this coming May). Because being a technician and a project…

28 Feb 2011 Organization and Productivity

Mentoring Undergrads

The following situation might be familiar to you: your PI summons you to his/her office and asks if you are interested in mentoring an undergrad as part of the undergraduate research program. At this point, you have two obvious options: either decline your PI proposal (and there are PIs who have a hard time accepting…

31 Jan 2011 Dealing with Fellow Scientists
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