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Carrie Iwema

Carrie is an Information Specialist in Molecular Biology for the Health Sciences Library System at the University of Pittsburgh. She has a PhD in Neuroscience and a Masters in Library Science.

Articles by Carrie Iwema:

18+ Ways to Improve your PubMed Searches

Are you getting the most out of your PubMed searches or are you wasting lots of time slogging through pages of results? We’ve compiled some top tips to help you refine your searches.

A picture of a man holding binoculars with a surprised expression to represent learning how to improve your PubMed searches
18 Mar 2021 Taming the Literature

Navigating the Sea of Human Genetics, Part I

Ahoy mateys! At my workplace we’ve recently become EXTREMELY excited about a resource called the HuGE Navigator. It’s so great that it’s going to take me a couple of articles to highlight its features. Hop on board to learn a little about it! So What is HuGE Navigator? HuGE Navigator is an integrated set of…

09 Jul 2016 Genomics and Epigenetics

Get PDFs ASAP with Pubget

After quite a long hiatus (which included a conference in Hawaii, whoo hoo!), I’m back to highlight a cool and relatively new search engine for scientific literature that is going to make you squeal with glee (ok, it made me squeal at least). I’m assuming that you’re very familiar with how to identify relevant research…

25 Jun 2009 Taming the Literature

A Video is Worth a Million Words

If a picture is worth a thousand words then video and audiovisual presentations must be worth millions. So Jing, a free piece of  software that allows users to easily create annotated visual communications, should be an essential tool in your communications palette. Jing allows you to capture videos of onscreen activity and easily share them…

06 May 2009 Writing, Publishing and Presenting

What is Your Favorite Gene?

Today I’m going to tell you about another new genetics resource that’s only been available for a couple of months. This gem is “YFG (Your Favorite Gene) powered by Ingenuity” and it’s freely available thanks to a partnership between Sigma-Aldrich and Ingenuity Systems. You read that right, these two for-profit companies are giving researchers something…

24 Mar 2009 Software and Online Tools

Navigating the sea of human genetics, Part II

Avast, me hearties, I’m back with Part II of our exploration of the HuGE Navigator. To get up to speed, be sure to check out Part I. In Part II I’m going to go over the HuGEtools, which are used to mine the human genome epidemiology literature. The tools are: HuGE Literature Finder HuGE Investigator…

03 Mar 2009 Genomics and Epigenetics

Biology + Computers + Education

I just finished reading an Opinion article by Dr. Lincoln D Stein in Genome Biology entitled “Bioinformatics: alive and kicking” which inspired me to do some sharing. No, I’m not going to start a debate on whether “bioinformatics” is a discipline or a tool (although that would be a potentially lively discussion). Instead I’m going…

10 Feb 2009 Career Development & Networking

From the Lab to the Library…

This may be a familiar story for some of you. I started my PhD program in Neuroscience full of hope and excited about where my future would take me. Like many of you, I assumed I would follow the traditional path – grad student postdoc, then tenure track faculty at a research university. Well, I…

02 Feb 2009 Career Development & Networking

Taming the Data Stampede with Wikis

Since you’re a Bitesize Bio reader, you’re well aware that there is an abundance of both broad and specialized bioinformatics tools freely available for researchers – if you know where and how to find them. Recently emerging is a push to combine or link some of the most important concept-related databases as well as create…

26 Jan 2009 Organization and Productivity

Be A Bio-Rockstar with ClusterMed

Back in October, Nick wrote about the scientific literature searching resource GoPubMed. Today I want to introduce all of you to another rocking PubMed search engine called ClusterMed. Freely provided by Vivisimo, Inc. (“Search Done Right”), ClusterMed uses the Vivisimo Velocity Search Platform “to organize PubMed’s extensive inventory of medical research articles into dynamic categories…

14 Jan 2009 Software and Online Tools

Free Online Bioinformatics Tools

PapersIn recognition of a fresh new year and a fresh new direction for Bitesize Bio, I thought I’d start my tenure as the fresh new Bioinformatics “guru” by introducing you to a handful of websites that will help you locate established as well as fresh new and (mostly) free online molecular biology and bioinformatics databases…

06 Jan 2009 Software and Online Tools
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