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Brenna Knott

I am currently an Adjunct Professor at Roosevelt University in Chicago, IL. I have years of teaching experience, worked in several research laboratories and held various healthcare roles. I’ve helped with research projects on dermatological questions, Dopamine levels in European Starlings and Cognitive Behavioral Neuroscience. My skills consist of Laboratory Safety/GLP, Scientific Research, Data Analysis, Leadership, Quality Patient Care, Attention to Detail and Mentoring. Aside from science, I love working out, reading, the arts and music.

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Successful Students: Mentoring Students in the Lab

By Brenna Knott | November 20, 2019

I have been teaching scientific laboratory courses for years. While I was an undergraduate student, I worked as a laboratory teaching assistant for Organismal Biology and volunteered for “Super Science Saturday’s” to educate youth through science demonstrations. I gradually moved on to universities that allowed me to independently instruct students in Anatomy and Neuroscience. Today,…

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