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Benjamin Boettner

I am a postdoctoral scientist with a focus on epithelial cell-cell adhesion
relevant to normal development and certain types of cancer. To identify
components and mechanisms regulating cell adhesion – in particular the
remodeling of the adherens junction during embryogenesis and epithelial cell
division – genetically enhanced cell biology in the fruitfly Drosophila and
mammalian cell culture systems are my experimental systems of choice. This
line of work impinges on many aspects of epithelial cells including their
polarity, cytoskeletal status and the trafficking of adhesion proteins.
Currently, I am working at Cold Spring Harbor Laboratory in the United

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Articles by Boettner

When Science Meets Music - it takes two to tango...

When Science Meets Music – it takes two to tango…

By Benjamin Boettner | March 18, 2011

There are differently colored knots woven into our social fabric where music and science are interweaved. In this article I’ll touch on some intriguing and/or amusing examples that recently caught my attention. Music and pathology (‘musical healing’) Music has the ability to pleasure us in the most pervasive ways. Simply put, it makes us feel…

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