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Bala is a graduate student in Germany. He loves technology and can often be found in the blogosphere and the interweb. His free time is consumed by photography and books.

Articles by Balachandar:

Bis-Tris Gels: Sharpen Up Your Protein Bands

A sprinkling of Bis-tris is all it takes improve your protein gels considerably. If you can afford it!

03 Aug 2016 Protein Expression and Analysis

Genome Viewers/Editors – Three of the Best

Sometimes the wide view is the best so a good genome viewer is a must for every molecular biologist. We review three leading genome viewer packages to get you started..

genome viewers
28 Jul 2016 Genomics and Epigenetics&Sigma-Aldrich® Advanced Genomics

A Story of the Naturally Obsessed

Some time back, Suzanne wrote a really funny article full of ideas for reality TV shows for scientists, and one idea a reality show showing everday life in the lab. About a few days back one a friend of mine twittered me a link to a documentary film shot by Richard & Carole Rifkind. Richard…

14 May 2010 Fun Stuff

5 Bio-Related Apps for your Iphone/Ipod Touch

If you’re one of the proud owners of an Ipod touch or an Iphone then there some great apps available for academics that makes life a bit easier. Molecules is an application that allows you to view PDB structure files, yes it’s the 3 dimensional protein structure just like on software like rasmol, deepview etc.…

04 Nov 2008 Software and Online Tools

Folding can be fun

If you’ve been interested in the Folding at Home project, but wanted to play a much more active role then your wait is over.

20 Jun 2008 Protein Expression and Analysis

Quick and Dirty Screening for Cloned Inserts

For identifying positive clones from a plasmid cloning procedure, the routine of performing a mini-prep and then checking the putative clones by restriction digestion is most commonly used. Of course, if you need to screen a large number of clones, another option is a colony PCR to identify positives, followed by restriction digests to confirm.…

02 Apr 2008 DNA / RNA Manipulation and Analysis

Google Reader for Academics

Google reader is one the weapons available in an academic’s arsenal to combat information overload in the Internet era. Part of research involves keeping oneself informed of the development happening in one’s own field as well as other closely related. It should not come as a surprise that these avenues of information are diverse, but…

04 Mar 2008 Organization and Productivity
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