Bala is a graduate student in Germany. He loves technology and can often be found in the blogosphere and the interweb. His free time is consumed by photography and books.

Articles by Balachandar:

Bis-Tris Gels: Sharpen Up Your Protein Bands

A sprinkling of Bis-tris is all it takes improve your protein gels considerably. If you can afford it!

03 Aug 2016 Protein Expression & Analysis

Genome Viewers/Editors – Three of the Best

Sometimes the wide view is the best so a good genome viewer is a must for every molecular biologist. We review three leading genome viewer packages to get you started..

28 Jul 2016 Genomics & Epigenetics

A Story of the Naturally Obsessed

Some time back, Suzanne wrote a really funny article full of ideas for reality TV shows for scientists, and one idea a reality show showing everday life in the lab. About a few days back one a friend of mine twittered me a link to a documentary film shot by Richard & Carole Rifkind. Richard…

14 May 2010 Fun Stuff

5 Bio-Related Apps for your Iphone/Ipod Touch

If you’re one of the proud owners of an Ipod touch or an Iphone then there some great apps available for academics that makes life a bit easier. Molecules is an application that allows you to view PDB structure files, yes it’s the 3 dimensional protein structure just like on software like rasmol, deepview etc.…

04 Nov 2008 Software & Online Tools

Folding can be fun

If you’ve been interested in the Folding at Home project, but wanted to play a much more active role then your wait is over.

20 Jun 2008 Protein Expression & Analysis