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Ashleigh Miller

Articles by Ashleigh Miller:

Protein Lysate TLC: Pro-Tips to Keep Your Protein Extracts in (Experimentally) Perfect Shape.

Do you need your protein in its native form, intact, with full functionality? Do you need to isolate organelles and nuclear fractions from the cytoplasm? Or do you need a slurry of everything in your cell or tissue? Whatever your experiment, you can maximize the amount of functional, detectable or active proteins by handling your…

04 Mar 2015 Protein Expression and Analysis

The Nature of Denaturing (Protein Gels, that is!)

You’ve nurtured your cells for weeks, perfected your experimental conditions, and nailed down all the controls. You’ve harvested your cells and gently lysed them, now you’re ready to look at the proteins. What’s one of the most common next step in protein analysis? A denaturing gel or SDS-Polyacrylamide Gel Electrophoresis! SDS-Polyacrylamide Gel Electrophoresis, or SDS-PAGE…

18 Nov 2014 Protein Expression and Analysis

Go Fishing for Your Favorite Protein with Immunoprecipitation!

You have your favorite protein in mind and are ready to set up some exciting experiments to show what it does and how it does it, when it is active, what other proteins it modifies, and how it affects your cells. There is one slight problem. You need to fish your favorite protein out from the…

15 Jul 2014 Protein Expression and Analysis

You did a Co-IP…now what?

You spent the last few weeks tweaking your Co-immunoprecipitation conditions, testing different antibody/bead combinations, and sampling a panaply of solutions and FINALLY! You have your Co-immunoprecipitation (Co-IP) elution… Now what? Well, you have a few choices. It really all depends on what you need know about the proteins in your elution. Do you need to identify…

15 Apr 2014 Lab Statistics & Math&Protein Expression and Analysis

Find Out if Your Proteins Do a Slow Dance Together in the Dark

Do you wonder if your favorite protein is entwined in a delicate dance with another protein? Do you wish that you could shine a spotlight on your protein to determine its dance partner? Well good news! While there is no such spotlight, you CAN use co-immunoprecipitation (Co-IP) to find your protein’s dance partner. You can…

18 Mar 2014 Protein Expression and Analysis
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