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Andy Baltus, PhD

Andy received his PhD in Biology from Massachusetts Institute of Technology in 2006, where he worked on mammalian reproductive development and the initiation of meiosis, followed by a postdoc at Harvard Medical School studying mammalian cerebral cortex development.  Andy is currently an Outreach Scientist at the non-profit plasmid repository Addgene, where he works to educate scientists around the world about Addgene and its mission to improve scientific sharing and collaboration.

Articles by Andy Baltus, PhD:

Free PCR for 5 Years (or How to Make your Own Taq and Pfu Polymerase)

Labs across the world spend a great deal of money on commercially manufactured Taq polymerase for PCR every year. But you don’t have to: Many labs choose to save money by making their own Taq (and Pfu for that matter) for routine applications. This post is not intended to provide a step-by-step protocol for making…

12 Mar 2015 PCR, qPCR and qRT-PCR
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