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Anastasia Moraiti

Anastasia Moraiti, 24, Greek. Anastasia completed her undergraduate studies in Biology in Greece, before starting a Master’s on Regenerative Biology and Medicine in Dresden, Germany. She is interested in the mechanisms controlling development and differentiation and how these can be manipulated in the field of regeneration. She enjoys a lively conversation about science and sharing experiences from the lab as well as learning from others.

Articles by Anastasia Moraiti:

Don’t Be Discouraged in a Lab with Minimal Resources

My first lab experience was in a lab on a really strict budget: no kits, no technicians, no media kitchen, or glassware washing service. We really had only minimal resources.  I was close to paranoid about not wasting one tip or glove. Later, when I started in other labs, I spent my first days going…

16 May 2017 Dealing with Fellow Scientists&Organization and Productivity
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