Dr Amanda Welch

Amanda received her PhD from the University of Florida in Biochemistry and Molecular Biology in 2010. She went on to do a postdoc with a concentration on molecular physiology and epigenetics (she swears they're related!). She now works as the Editor-in-Chief of Bitesize Bio. Apparently, Amanda feels she needs lots of things to keep her busy and her mind engaged. Also, she feels passionate about helping all scientist succeed in their research.

Articles by Dr Amanda Welch:

2015 Staff Picks: Nucleic Acid Purification and Analysis

We’re rounding out the week with articles from the Nucleic Acid Purification and Analysis channel. I think I can safely speak for our entire editorial team, when I wish you all a happy and productive New Year!     Jen Redig, Managing Editor Why Aren’t My NanoDrop Results Reproducible? By Farania Rangkuti – 24th November,…

09 Jul 2016 DNA / RNA Manipulation and Analysis

2015 Staff Picks: PCR & Real-time PCR

To wrap up 2015, we’re highlighting our favorite articles from the year. These articles were handpicked by our editorial staff here at Bitesize Bio. So, sit back with your cup of coffee (or beverage of choice) and enjoy these fantastic articles from 2015. First up, we have the category of PCR & Real-time PCR. Jen…

09 Jul 2016 PCR, qPCR and qRT-PCR&Qiagen

2015 Staff Picks: Protein Analysis, Detection, and Assay

Today our artisanal article picks are from the Protein Analysis, Detection, and Assay. These picks are from our crack editorial team here at Bitesize Bio. After carefully combing through our archives, we have pulled these gems for your viewing pleasure. Jen Redig, Managing Editor How to Make a Custom Affinity Medium for Protein Purification by…

09 Jul 2016 Protein Expression and Analysis

2015 Staff Picks: Cloning and Expression

We’re in the week between the 25th and 1st—the holiday week. If you’re in a college town, traffic is easy and parking restrictions have been lifted. With the staff picks of articles from the Cloning and Expression channel, it really is the most wonderful time of the year. Jen Redig, Managing Editor 8 Basic Points…

09 Jul 2016 Cloning and Expression

2015 Staff Picks: Microscopy and Imaging

After looking at pictures of friends and family on holiday cards, head on over to check out some more pictures in the Microscopy and Imaging channel. These are just some of the wonderful articles that we published this year on Bitesize Bio. Jen Redig, Managing Editor Brightness and Contrast in Microscopy Imaging By Alexandros Lavdas…

09 Jul 2016 Microscopy and Imaging