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Ali Seyedali

Ali Seyedali received a PhD in Cell and Molecular Biology from the University of Hawaii, where he is currently a postdoc researching an unusual family of mRNAs. When he’s not in the lab being a scientist, he enjoys playing soccer, the guitar, and a delicious craft beer in the company of good friends.

Articles by Ali Seyedali:

A 6 Step Guide for Preparing your First Scientific Manuscript

You can’t put it off any longer – you need to write your first manuscript. This task can seem daunting at first, but with a little organization and planning, you’ll soon be publishing.

scientific manuscript
09 Jul 2016 Writing, Publishing and Presenting

How to Minimize Variation and Achieve Reproducibility

Ever wonder why your data isn’t the same after repeating an experiment? Well part of science’s beauty lies in the difficulty of achieving reproducibility. Heraclitus first said that no mans steps in the same river twice and the same can be applied to experiments. It is literally impossible to control for everything because the second…

13 May 2015 Basic Lab Skills and Know-how
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