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Asmaa A. Abdelwahab

Asmaa Ali had her BSc in Computer and Software Engineering. Then, she completed two postgraduate diplomas in Bioinformatics. Currently, she is working towards a research degree in the field of Cheminformatics aiming for discovering new drugs to treat cronic diseases and design new tools that accelerates the drug design process. She has work experience in Data Science in addition to the experience she gained from joining more than ten training programs in Data Science, Machine Learning and Big Data.

Articles by Asmaa A. Abdelwahab:

How to Become a Bioinformatician

Interested in a career in bioinformatics? We’ve got the lowdown on the ways bioinformatics skills can be used, and the training you’ll need to pursue this career path.

A picture of a scientist's hands holding a tablet with scientific notations surrounded by a microscope and scientific equipment to represent someone with a career in bioinformatics
04 Mar 2021 Career Development & Networking
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