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Asmaa Ali

Asmaa Ali had her B.Sc. in Computer and Software Engineering. She is working towards a research degree in the field of Bioinformatics. She is a software developer, Data Analyst and Bioinformatics Instructor. Bioinformatics touches many aspects of everyday life – health, nutrition, environmental care, forensics – and is a major element of modern research in the life sciences. However, it is a fairly young scientific domain and is still poorly known to the layman that’s why introducing the field of Bioinformatics to a lot of people is one of the goals that Asmaa is seeking to achieve.

Articles by Asmaa Ali:

How to Become a Bioinformatician

If you want to start a journey towards being a bioinformatician, you must first know the meaning of the term bioinformatics. You will also need to know what bioinformaticians do, and what you need to know to land your first entry level job as a bioinformatician. Most bioinformaticians work within different medical science and health…

23 Jan 2018 Career Development & Networking&Genomics and Epigenetics&Sigma-Aldrich® Advanced Genomics
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