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Alex Cohen

Alex is a Senior Staffing Specialist with Simply Biotech, a specialized recruiting and staffing firm dedicated exclusively to the biotech industry in San Diego County. More information may be found at www.simplybiotech.com.

Articles by Alex Cohen:

Smart Questions To End An Interview On A Positive Note

I have prepped hundreds of candidates for interviews and, by extension, I have been a part of hundreds of interviews. At some point during each of these interviews, the Hiring Manager asks the candidate if they have any questions. This is a pivotal moment in the meeting. As with all questions in life, there are…

15 Jan 2013 Career Development & Networking

Hints to go from contract to a full time position

With the economy heating up, companies are more likely to begin hiring full time again. So, you just signed up for a two-month position with a great company – one where you would like to work full time. Now what? You got your foot in the door, so now it’s time to make the most of this opportunity…

26 May 2011 Career Development & Networking
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