Alex Chen

Alex received his Ph.D in Immunology and Virology at the University of Massachusetts. He then worked at Sanford Burnham Medical Research Institute and University of Toronto as a post-doctoral researcher studying viral immunity and biology of HIV. He is currently an active member at bitesize bio. He is looking forward to endless opportunities in medical writing and collaborative communication writing.

Articles by Alex Chen:

Small Particles (Things) Matter!- Introducing Nanoparticle PCR

There are many different methods and protocols on making your PCR  run more efficiently. I recently came across an interesting PCR method called “nanoparticle” PCR. This method seems to attract a lot of attention, because it enhances a PCR  by a few orders of magnitude. More interestingly, while the enhancement effect has been reported in a…

02 Mar 2017 PCR, qPCR and qRT-PCR&Qiagen

An Introduction to MassTag PCR

New ways to perform PCR emerge all the time. This speaks for the speed of technological advances, and reflects the ongoing need to keep up with fast-moving research. We all know that PCR’s main purpose is to amplify a stretch of nucleic acids based on sequence-specific primers. Nowadays, a wide range of PCR techniques exist,…

16 Feb 2017 PCR, qPCR and qRT-PCR&Qiagen

CRISPR Technology Explained: Towards a CRISPR Genome!

If you are working in the biomedical research field and you haven’t yet heard about CRISPR Cas9 gene editing technology, you have some catching up to do – but don’t worry, this article will bring you up to speed about CRISPR in no time! In the few years since the CRISPR phenomenon emerged, this technology has…

25 Jan 2017 DNA / RNA Manipulation and Analysis

A New Frontier in Protein Quantitation: AlphaLISA

If you ever worked in a biology or biochemistry laboratory, you probably already heard about ELISA. You may have even used it. But do you know what’s behind it? And how you can improve it? Let me guide you through the basics of ELISA, and introduce you to my favorite ELISA technique—AlphaLISA. First Things First… So,…

17 Jan 2017 Protein Expression and Analysis

Hydrodynamic Focusing in Flow Cytometry

If you have sorted samples or phenotyped cells by surface expression of proteins, you’ve probably wondered how each cell is sorted or phenotyped in a flow cytometer? This question seems trivial, but in reality it took a while for engineers to figure it out. Before I get into today’s topic on “hydrodynamic focusing,” I’ll walk…

10 Jan 2017 Flow Cytometry
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