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Alex Tan

Alex has a PhD in molecular biology and biophysics from Johns Hopkins University. When she isn't finishing up "the project that wouldn't die" or packing boxes, she's job hunting in Berkeley, California.

Articles by Alex Tan:

I’m Not That Kind of Doctor: A Guide for Enjoying the Holidays

As a graduate student or a card-carrying PhD, you may have discovered that you unwittingly (and probably inappropriately) have become the authority in your family on all things scientific and health related. For this reason, the upcoming holiday season might harbor some additional family-related stress for you. Before you shout “I’m not that kind of…

23 Dec 2009 Fun Stuff

Us and Them: Bridging the Gap with Curiosity

The recently released poll from the Pew Research Center for the People and the Press puts light to an interesting dichotomy between scientists and the general public. If you have often wondered whether anyone outside the scientific world ever notices your hard work, take heart! You are appreciated! Seventy percent of the public view scientists as…

07 Aug 2009 Science Communication & Ethics
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